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Radical, Judicial Activism

Originally featured on Huffington Post Yesterday afternoon, Judge Rodger Vinson, who has presided over the 26-state lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, issued his ruling. In a decision that constitutes radical judicial activism run amok,… Read more.

02.02.2011 / Ron Pollack, / Insights Column

Health Action 2011: A great success

After attending our action-packed Health Action 2011 conference this past weekend, health care advocates from across the country are returning to their home states, ready to continue the fight for quality health care for… Read more.

02.02.2011 / Rachel Bates, / Insights Column

Opinion: The High Cost of Repealing Health Reform

This was originally posted on AOL News Before the ink was even dry on the Affordable Care Act, opponents of reform have been working overtime, doing anything and everything they can to repeal health reform… Read more.

01.31.2011 / Ron Pollack, / Insights Column