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To be or not to be….for individual responsibility

Many people in Massachusetts are proud, and rightfully so: The state’s version of health care reform, one that includes an individual responsibility requirement, signed into law by former Governor Mitt Romney in 2006, has… Read more.

05.19.2011 / Eileen Falk, / Insights Column

Families without insurance unable to afford medical bills

The federal government recently released a report with staggering conclusions. It shows that few families without health insurance have the financial resources to pay potential hospital bills. On average, uninsured families have the resources to pay… Read more.

05.13.2011 / Rachel Bates, / Insights Column

Health Reform’s Gifts for Mom

In a recent article for the Center for American Progress, Sandra Bogar reminded us of all of the ways that health reform benefits mothers, mothers-to-be, and grandmothers. Even when it’s not Mother’s Day, it’s… Read more.

05.11.2011 / Rachel Bates, / Insights Column