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Advocacy Guide
April 2018

Toolkit: Act Now to Stop Short-Term Plans

Under a proposed rule open for comment until April 23, 2018, the Trump administration wants to expand the sale of substandard, sham health insurance. If finalized in its current form, this rule will harm consumers and the insurance market.

Submit comments to HHS opposing this rule. Resources to help you write comments and other ways to speak out against the rule are available on this page.

The administration proposes to allow short-term plans that do not have to comply with preexisting condition, essential health benefit, and other important consumer protections to be sold for nearly 12 months at a time, and possibly even to renew after that.

If these plans are allowed to go to market, they will drive premiums up for everyone who seeks comprehensive insurance by pulling young and healthy people out of the market for real coverage. And for those who enroll in short-term plans, they will find that once they need care, their plan is not there to protect them from health or financial harm.

Use this toolkit to take action to stop the spread of short-term plans

Taking Action to Prevent the Harmful Impact of Short-Term Plans: This guide provides information about how advocates, states, and consumers can take action directed at both the state and federal levels to protect consumers and the market from short-term plans.

Seven Reasons the Trump Administration's Short-Term Health Plans Are Harmful to Families explains the many ways that short-term plans put consumers at risk for health and financial harm.

Talking points on short-term plans: Use these talking points with policymakers, the media, and the public to explain why short-term plans are harmful to consumers and the insurance market overall.

Sample Letter to the Editor: Use this sample letter to the editor to write to your state and local papers about why short-term plans should not expand in the market.

Template comments on the proposed short-term plan rule: This template comment letter drafted by the National Partnership for Women and Families (NPWF) can be used to submit comments to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on the harms of the rule and how they should be addressed. Comments must be submitted by 5 P.M on Monday, April 23rd, and it is important that HHS hear from as many organizations and people as possible.

Using any of the tactics described above to push back against the harm of short-term plans will make a difference. Speak up now to stop these substandard plans from hurting consumers and the insurance market overall!

Sample Letter to the Editor

Modify the text below and personalize it as much as possible. 

Dear Editor: 

[Reference to recent news story] talks about rising health insurance costs, without once mentioning the Trump administration’s important contribution to this disturbing trend. In his ongoing campaign to reverse the health care gains achieved by his predecessor, President Trump has proposed “short-term insurance” regulations to let companies sell cut-rate, substandard plans that lure young and healthy people out of today’s insurance market. The result: higher costs for everyone else, especially older adults and people with chronic health problems.

[Insert a personal story or story about someone from your state here.]

To prevent health insurance costs from skyrocketing, let’s stop this new regulation by commenting to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services about the harm of this rule and urge our members of Congress to take action.

And next November, let’s elect representatives who will stand up for everyday Americans, instead of pumping up insurance company profits.