February 21, 2018

5 Reasons We Are Celebrating CHIP’s 10- Year Extension this National Children’s Dental Health Month!

Michelle Loo

Story Bank Associate

Along with celebrating Black History Month, Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year this February we are also elevating kids' oral health for National Children’s Dental Health Month! There is a lot to celebrate when funding for CHIP was extended for the next 10 years, and here’s why the Oral Health For All team at Families USA is stoked!  

October 29, 2015

Historic Drop in Rate of Uninsured Children Linked to the Affordable Care Act

Shannon Attanasio

Senior Director of Government Affairs

Great news out of Georgetown’s Center for Children and Families about how the Affordable Care Act is affecting health insurance for children. Based on analysis of data from 50 states, they found that the rate of children without health insurance has plummeted to a new record low.

As their Executive Director Joan Alker explained in her blog, the new report attributes this historic drop in the rate of uninsured children in large part to the ACA, “which for kids was building on more than a decade of success by Medicaid and CHIP working together.”

August 26, 2015

To Tackle Health Disparities, Make Care More Affordable

Neah Morton

Wellstone Fellow

Yasmin Peled

Health Equity Intern

Communities of color face significant health disparities and are more likely to suffer from certain chronic conditions, like diabetes, where early detection and treatment could mean the difference between life and death. One way to improve the odds for people with these conditions is to increase access to services, like necessary medications or periodic medical tests, that prevent the progression of, or complications from, those diseases.


Unfortunately for many lower-income consumers with high-deductible health insurance plans, the out-of-pocket expense of this essential care is well beyond their financial reach, causing them to forgo care.

July 23, 2015

California’s Historic Decision to Extend Health Coverage to Every Low-Income Kid

Yasmin Peled

Health Equity Intern

Erika Ramirez

Medicaid Intern

With last month’s Supreme Court ruling affirming that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is here to stay, advocates and decisionmakers can turn to building on the law’s success, such as closing the Medicaid gap, improving the value of care, and eliminating the “family glitch.” Another top priority in this next phase of health reform is making good on the promise of health care for all, regardless of immigration status. Last month, California, the state with the most undocumented immigrants, took a momentous leap in that direction.

July 14, 2015

Tackling Health Care Challenges in the States: Legislative Roundup

Patrick Willard

Senior Director of State and National Strategic Partnerships

While Congress wrestles with budget reconciliation and takes another swipe at the Affordable Care Act, most state lawmakers are back at their day jobs and finished with legislative business for the year. The 2015 sessions produced a few highlights, and some lowlights, for health care advocates. Lawmakers continued to grapple with full implementation of the ACA, but some looked beyond the health care law to move their states toward a health reform 2.0 agenda. Below we note some of the significant work this year in state capitals.

March 12, 2015

A Special Enrollment Period for Pregnant Women's Health Coverage

Cathy Kaufmann

Enrollment Program Director

More than 30 consumer groups, 37 senators, and 50 House members agree: Pregnant women should be allowed to enroll in health coverage when they find out they’re pregnant, even if it is outside the open enrollment period. Pregnant women who lack health insurance often go without necessary prenatal care, thus jeopardizing their health and that of their babies. Already, thousands of people have joined with the senators to call for the creation of a special enrollment period. Families USA has signed on as a partner in this effort, and we ask that you join us to demand access to health care for pregnant women. 

Issue Brief
January 2015

Health Reform 2.0: A Call to Action

Both a call to action and a roadmap for progress, Families USA’s latest report, Health Reform 2.0 lays out a path for securing high-quality, affordable health care to all Americans—regardless of income, age, race, or ethnicity—and for achieving the “Triple Aim”: improving health, enhancing quality of care, and reducing health care costs.

September 23, 2014

CHIP Funding Set to Expire—If Congress Doesn’t Act

Shannon Attanasio

Senior Director of Government Affairs

Anyone concerned about affordable health care in the United States is rightly focused on the upcoming second open enrollment period and Medicaid expansion in the states. But there’s another important effort that demands advocates’ attention—extending funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). 

Now is the time to ramp up awareness of the funding crisis threatening CHIP and enlisting the support of lawmakers to defend it. If Congress does not act in the coming year, millions of children will be left without affordable health insurance next October. 


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