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Webinar: Addressing the Fiscal Crisis in Communities Affected by COVID-19


States, localities, territories and Tribes are losing revenue at the same time as their resources are urgently needed to not only staff pandemic response and sustain health care services, but also to save jobs and support families hardest hit by the recession. The aid federal policymakers have provided to date falls far short of what states will need to avoid harmful cuts, which would deepen the increasingly alarming disparities in the health and economic impacts of the crisis. Almost all states are legally required to balance their budgets, which means that without significant federal fiscal relief, including further enhancements to the Medicaid federal medical assistance percentage (FMAP), they have no choice but to cut services precisely when both struggling families and an ailing economy need help the most.

This webinar discusses the projected economic impacts in states, and how to take action to ensure adequate resources are available to support pandemic response and recovery in your community.

Featured Speakers:

  • Lauren Rosenbaum, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Families USA
  • Stan Dorn, Director of the National Center for Coverage Innovation and Senior Fellow, Families USA
  • Hemi Tewarson, Director, Health Division, National Governors Association
  • Ellen Nissenbaum, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • Carolina Valle, Senior Policy Manager, California Pan-Ethnic Health Network