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Thursday 30 Social Toolkit


“Thursday 30” – Every Thursday at 12pm ET 

It’s time to ramp up the pressure on our nation’s leaders to ensure health and health care are prioritized in the next recovery package. Join us for a “Thursday 30” Twitterstorm using the hashtag #UniteForHealthCare every Thursday at noon ET starting on June 10 until a bill with a significant focus on health priorities is passed and signed into law.

June 10th Thursday 30 Storyteller Graphics: 





  • Wall Street forecasts a windfall in revenues for #COVID19 therapeutics while America’s families are rationing life-saving medications & making impossible tradeoffs to keep a roof over their heads & food on the table. #UniteForHealthCare
  • At the same time that American families are rationing medicines and making impossible trade-offs to keep a roof over their heads… #drugprices increase unabated, many of them arbitrary and unjustified. #UniteForHealthCare
  • In early 2021, a record-setting 900 drugs saw price increases while America’s families were rationing medicines during the fallout of the pandemic.  #UniteForHealthCare
  • #Highdrugprices/unrelenting price increases are due to a broken & distorted market resulting in unaffordable medicines for America’s families. The current policies protect the pharma industry, allowing them to monopolize the market & bar entry of competitors. #UniteForHealthCare
  • 8 in 10 voters believe the system works for the benefit of insurance and drug companies and that Congress won’t change the system to meet consumer need. #rx #prescriptiondrugs #UniteForHealthCare
  • Because the laws are so easily manipulated, we incentivize the pharmaceutical industry taking advantage of patent loopholes instead of incentivizing the creation of lifesaving drugs. #rx #prescriptiondrugs #UniteForHealthCare
  • Families across the nation need & deserve a return on investment for the hundreds of billions invested in #COVID19 vaccines & treatments and every single drug developed from 2010-2019. #rx #prescriptiondrugs #UniteForHealthCare
  • Americans are asking for help with #highdrugprices — time and again, nearly 9/10 voters asking the federal government to take action to #lowerdrugprices and 9/10 employers see #drugprices as among the greatest threat to affordability of health coverage for employees. #UniteForHealthCare



  • Health care is top of mind for America’s families. As Washington considers its next move, the majority of Republican, Democrat and Independent voters say health care should be a high priority for the President & Congress THIS YEAR. #UniteForHealthCare
  • All of us should have the opportunity to live a healthy life and receive high quality, #AffordableHealthCare no matter our race, ethnicity, gender, location, or identity. New polling shows that voters want to see action. #UniteForHealthCare
  • No one in this country should ever have to worry that they can’t afford #healthcare or choose between filling a prescription and putting food on the table. Polls show voters agree & want action this year. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Our concern if we get sick should be getting better, not how to pay for it. Abuses by insurance & drug industries mean millions of us pay a fortune for care—or go without. Roughly 9/10 voters want action to lower #RxPrices and #HealthCareCosts.
  • More than 8/10 voters believe the #healthcare system today works more for the benefit of the insurance and drug industries than the average person. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Our health should not depend on our wealth. Healthy individuals & families are key to realizing a thriving economy and resilient communities. As our nation rebuilds, we need to make sure all families can afford health care they need. #UniteForHealthCare
  • Families across America need health care solutions. With #DrugPrices rising out of control, unaffordable premiums/deductibles, and huge gaps in coverage like dental care, health is out of reach for many. Polls show voters agree & want action this year.#UniteForHealthCare
  • #Health is infrastructure. Equity is vital. No matter our race, wealth, or geography, we all need #affordable #healthcare, including #prescriptions. #UniteForHealthCare