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The Evolving State Medicaid Landscape in the COVID-19 Era


While waiting for additional federal Medicaid and state fiscal relief support, many governors, state legislators, and Medicaid agencies are finding creative ways to address their residents’ needs. States are exploring a number of innovative strategies, some of which are already being approved by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and moving into implementation.

This webinar discusses how states are leveraging their new and existing Medicaid policy flexibilities to address COVID-19 responses, particularly through waivers.

Featured Speakers:

  • Lisa Hunter, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Families USA
  • Eliot Fishman, Senior Director of Health Policy, Families USA
  • Joe Weissfeld, Director of Medicaid Initiatives, Families USA

Click the download button below to view the Webinar’s slide deck.