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The CREATES Act Helps Tackle Prescription Drug Costs

By Ellen Albritton,


High and rising prescription drug prices force consumers to skip doses or even avoid filling their prescriptions for life-saving medications altogether. Now is the perfect time for Congress to finally begin to take action by passing the bipartisan CREATES Act.

The CREATES Act Increases Access to Lower-Cost Generic Drugs

Some brand-name pharmaceutical corporations misuse patient-safety protections to block generic competition and keep their drug prices high. These corporations block access to samples that generic manufacturers need to conduct the necessary testing for bringing a generic drug to market. We all the bear the burden of the unnecessary higher costs that such anti-competitive tactics produce. The CREATES Act would curtail these abuses and bring much needed relief to patients and consumers.

The CREATES Act is Bipartisan and Supported by a Diverse Array of Stakeholders

Lowering the price of prescription drugs is one of the top priorities of health care consumers, regardless of political party, and a majority of Democrats and Republicans support taking bold action to do so. Support for the CREATES Act is similarly broad-based. Not only is it supported by consumer groups, but it also has the support of health care providers and insurers, employers and unions. And it’s co-sponsored by a broad bi-partisan spectrum of members of Congress including both Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Drug prices are too high and Congress has the ability to change that. Now is the time for Congress to step up and protect consumers from sky-high prescription drug prices by passing the CREATES Act.