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Texas v. United States Toolkit

Key Messages

  • Striking down the Affordable Care Act will fall harshly on America’s children, especially those who have a pre-existing condition. The law ensures that no child can be denied health care coverage based on a pre-existing condition.
  • If the ACA is struck down, parents of children with cancer, children born with a birth defect, children with asthma, and kids with special needs, among others, will no longer be able to get coverage for their children.
  • Because of the ACA, parents can keep their dependent children on their health plans up to age 26. They will lose extended coverage for their dependent children if the ACA is struck down.
  • If we lose the ACA, insurers will once again be able to set annual limits on coverage for children with pre-existing conditions.
  • 20 million will lose access to healthcare coverage if the ACA is struck down.
  • If the Trump-GOP lawsuit is successful, it would strip coverage from millions of Americans, end protections for pre-existing conditions, raise premiums, force millions of seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and put insurance companies back in charge.  This would effectively destroy the entire backbone of our country’s health care system.
  • More of the same: More sabotage. New ways to rip health care from 20 million Americans. More tricks to fund tax breaks for the wealthy and line the pockets of already-wealthy corporate CEOs.
  • The date for oral arguments in the President Trump-backed Texas v. US lawsuit to strike down our health care law is Tuesday, July 9, 2019. It is crucial to call out this sabotage on our health care system and emphasize that if the Affordable Care Act is struck down, health care costs will go up dramatically and millions of Americans will be left uninsured.

Frederick Isasi’s Written Testimony To The House Oversight And Reform Committee on Texas v. United States

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