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Speaking Up for Health Care during Recess and Beyond

Those hottest days of summer have arrived, which means that it’s finally the season of congressional recess. The House began its August recess this week and will return to Washington on September 4th. The Senate is taking a truncated August recess this year, coming home the week of August 6-10th. It will be in session for the remainder of the month. Visit townhallproject.com to find opportunities to interact with your members of Congress while they are home.

Additionally, over the next several weeks many candidates for Congress will be on the campaign trail and available to listen to what you have to say about health care—and it’s both your right and your duty to make sure your voice is heard.

America’s health care system has never been in as much peril as it is in now that the Trump administration not only seeks to undo the Affordable Care Act, but is in the process of flooding the health care market with sham insurance and throwing thousands of people off Medicaid.

The future of our nation’s health care lies in the hands of the next Congress, which will serve the final two years of President Trump’s term. It is imperative that congressional candidates understand their constituents’ priorities.

We’ve put together the following list of resources to make it as easy as possible for you to reach out to your representative and senators, and candidates for Congress, to make sure they know you are holding them accountable for their actions on health care: