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Reform vs. repeal


This blog was originally written and posted by Shavon Arline, National Health Director of the NAACP.

As we begin this new year, the NAACP finds ourselves back in the fight to support that which is now law: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In March 2010, President Obama signed the long overdue bill which was a major overhaul of our Nation’s health care system and will provide more than 32 million Americans, including 8 million African Americans, who had been uninsured with health care coverage. Other provisions in this law which were strongly supported by the NAACP would:

• Take an aggressive approach to address the health care disparities that continue to plague so many racial and ethnic minority communities;

• Outlaw discrimination against Americans with pre-existing conditions;

• Create more than 300,000 new jobs by reducing the growth of health care costs and therefore allowing businesses to invest in jobs and growth rather than non-wage compensation;

• Provide our seniors with the freedom to get the care they need, including free preventative care, lower prescription drug costs and Medicare that they can count on;

• Not allow insurance companies to deny coverage to a person because he or she has gotten sick;

• Expand dependent care so that older children can be covered under their parents’ policies;

• Create state-based exchanges through which people without employer-provided coverage can purchase health insurance;

• Provide federal subsidies to people who must purchase their own health insurance and earn between 133% and 400% of the federal poverty level ($24,352 and $73,240 for a family of 3 in 2010);

• Increase in the number of children from low-and middle-income families who have health insurance; and

• Shave $130 billion off the deficit, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the entire package will cost $940 billion over 10 years. It is also, expected to cut more than a trillion dollars from the deficit over 20 years.

The NAACP Health Department and Washington Bureau are asking you to do what you do best. TAKE ACTION!  Click this link to view the Washington Bureau’s Action Alert that provides clear instructions for you to contact your legislators. We have no time to write a letter. Please CALL, FAX or EMAIL your Representative and URGE HIM OR HER TO OPPOSE H.R. 2 TO REPEAL THE NEW HEALTH CARE LAW.

The NAACP needs you now more than ever members and friends to fight. Now is the time to fully implement the healthcare law and not repeal it. So I ask you, are you ready for Reform or Repeal? Reform is the only answer. Make the call NOW!