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Webinar 11.30.2018

Webinar: State Options to Rein in High Drug Prices

High prescription drug prices hurt families and consumers by adding financial stress to devastating illness. States have led the way to take action against high and rising drug prices, and with the help of…

Infographic 11.29.2018

A 50-State Look at Medicaid Expansion

Update 11/07/18: Three states, Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah, passed ballot measures to expand Medicaid. Update 11/01/18: Enrollment begins in Virginia's Medicaid expansion; coverage starts January 1, 2019. One of the most important--and popular--provisions of…

Insights Column 11.28.2018

It’s Open Enrollment for Marketplace Coverage! Resources to #GetCovered is now open for business! Until December 15th, consumers can enroll in comprehensive health plans that will start on January 1st 2019. High-quality coverage purchased through (or a state’s marketplace) includes protections for…

Insights Column 11.20.2018

The Tide is Turning Against Medicaid Work Requirement Waivers

Since July, a grim drumbeat has sounded from Arkansas: thousands of people losing their health insurance every month, disenrolled from Medicaid and “locked out” from rejoining until next year. This past June Arkansas began…