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Analyses 10.14.2020

Mississippi Must Expand Medicaid Now to Protect Its Workers

In Mississippi, tens of thousands of working people are losing their jobs and their job-based health insurance as the country grapples with a massive public health crisis. Because Mississippi has not expanded its Medicaid…

Report 10.09.2020

The State of Rural Health

Families across America are facing an uncertain future, with concerns about health care front and center. Anxieties fueled by the pandemic are driving conversations about the quality of health care, access to health care,…

Video 10.05.2020

What is Medicaid and Medicaid Expansion?

Joe Weissfeld: What is Medicaid and Medicaid Expansion? Families USA's Director of Medicaid Initiatives, Joe Weissfeld explains what Medicaid and Medicaid Expansion are, and why it is so important for Medicaid Expansion to be…

Video 10.05.2020

Why is Health Coverage Important?

Stan Dorn: Why is Health Coverage Important? Families USA's Director of the National Center for Coverage Innovation and Senior Fellow, Stan Dorn explains what health insurance is, and why it is important for families…