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Insights Column 05.07.2015

A Special Mother’s Day Thanks to the ACA

Ruth Petran has celebrated Mother’s Day with her children for the past 33 years, but this Mother’s Day is special. Ruth says it’s the kind of Mother’s Day that wouldn’t have been possible without…

Fact Sheet 05.06.2015

Cutting Medicaid Would Hurt States and Families

When members of Congress threaten to cut Medicaid, who is at risk? If Medicaid is cut, seniors, people with disabilities, children, and working families would suffer. This fact sheet explains that Medicaid is an efficient, flexible…

Insights Column 04.06.2015

A Nation Divided: Two Health Care Americas

America is on the cusp of becoming a nation with two health care systems. This sharp division is the result of continued resistance to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and it does greatest harm…