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Report 01.16.2016

How Could a 1332 Waiver Affect Medicaid and CHIP?

States can receive approval from the federal government to begin state innovation projects in 2017 that would waive certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act pertaining to private insurance coverage. To do this, they…

Insights Column 01.14.2016

Consumer Advocates Should Review New Guidance for 1332 Waivers

Last month, HHS and the Department of the Treasury issued new guidance on state innovation waivers that includes stronger protections for low-income and vulnerable consumers. We believe many of its provisions should be added to federal…

Report 01.14.2016

What Advocates Should Know about 1332 State Innovation Waivers

Beginning in 2017, the Affordable Care Act permits states to apply for waivers to begin experimenting with strategies to provide residents with access to high-quality, affordable health insurance. Known as 1332 state innovation waivers,…

Insights Column 01.13.2016

Louisiana to Expand Medicaid: Outlook for the States in 2016

Legislative sessions during an election year are historically shorter, more budget-oriented and less controversial than other years. But as the Obama administration enters its final year, the Affordable Care Act and the tools it…

Infographic 01.13.2016

Why Getting Health Insurance Matters for African Americans

    African Americans are more likely than whites to experience certain health conditions. And they are more likely to get sicker and die from them, too. Finding and treating these problems early can make…