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How to talk about High Drug Prices: A Messaging Guide Developed from Focus Group Findings.


Voters feel that drug prices are out of control and blame drug company greed for the high costs. This issue is personal for many: They tell stories of having to skip expensive medications or make hard choices to afford prescription drugs. Voters get particularly angry when life-saving medications and treatments — like insulin or the EpiPen — experience a sharp increase in price after years on the market. For those reasons, voters support action by the federal government and their states to rein in drug prices. Support for action includes Republican voters, who generally resist government intervention and prefer free-market solutions. Voters in the focus groups see drug companies as monopolies that are unmotivated to reduce prices, and they see no alternative but to support government action. They view high drug prices as a threat to their health and the health of their families. This guide includes messages and a summary of voter opinions from focus groups conducted in November 2019. Click the button below to download the Fact Sheet.