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Families USA’s Comments on Pending Healthy Indiana Plan 1115 Workforce Bridge Account Amendment

By Emmett Ruff,


Families USA submitted this comment letter in response to CMS’s request for comment on Indiana’s application for a new Section 1115 Medicaid waiver amending its existing waiver, Healthy Indiana Program (HIP).

The state’s proposed amendments to the HIP waiver do not address the unavoidable issue of coverage losses that will result from the work reporting requirement. HIP’s work reporting requirement diminishes Medicaid enrollees’ ability to access health care and goes against the objectives of the Medicaid program. Furthermore, the proposed amendments add additional complexity to what is already an administratively burdensome individual account structure.

CMS should reject this amendment. If the state’s honest intention is to promote coverage and reduce churn, then it simply should not move forward with its work reporting requirement.

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