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Families USA Comments in Response to Shaheen-Collins-DeGette-Reed Request for Feedback on Insulin Caps Framework


Families USA recently submitted the attached response to a request for comment on the legislative framework released by Senators Collins and Shaheen and Representatives DeGette and Reed that seeks to address the high cost of insulin. While Families USA appreciates the leadership from members of Congress to address this issue, ultimately, this framework alone will not do enough to help enough families and individuals that rely on insulin, and it does not replace the need for more comprehensive drug pricing reforms.

More specifically, our feedback letter states:

  • The framework does not authoritatively address the list price for insulin but instead relies on incentives for insulin manufacturers to reduce prices on their own. Without bringing down the list price, we are concerned that consumers will still pay the full cost through other aspects of the health care system.
  • The framework does not adequately assist uninsured families and individuals. Capping out-of-pocket costs and making insulin eligible for coinsurance does nothing for those without insurance, who already pay the brunt of insulin prices.
  • Comprehensive reform is what is truly needed to relieve families of the burden of high drug costs. Insulin is one of my drugs that forces families to make difficult financial tradeoffs due to the high costs. Congress needs to pass legislation that includes Medicare negotiation, which creates infrastructure to bring down the cost of a myriad of drugs that are out of reach for millions that need it.

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