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Families USA and 48 National Organizations Urge Congress to Pursue Health Care Agenda



Families USA, Community Catalyst, and over 45 national organizations representing health care stakeholders sent this letter to Congressional leadership, urging them to heed the strong message sent by the midterm elections and pursue an agenda that ensures the best health and health care are equally accessible and affordable to all. On November 6, voters from across the country and from all walks of life voted for high quality and affordable health care. The public spoke out on the importance of protecting Medicaid, Medicare, and resoundingly, meaningful protections for people with preexisting conditions. As we near the beginning of the 116th Congress, we are urging federal policymakers to heed this mandate for a new direction on health care, moving away from efforts to sabotage coverage and towards policies that will improve health value, equity, and affordability.

Read the letter here.