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During COVID-19 Health and Financial Crises, States Should Act Now to Protect Families from Surprise Medical Bills

By Lee Taylor-Penn,


As our nation confronts a public health and economic threat greater than any we’ve seen in a century, every family is struggling to understand and manage the devastating and far-ranging effects of COVID-19. During this crisis, families need unfettered access to health care services. With unemployment higher than it’s been in decades, and with widespread economic uncertainty, the financial security of America’s families is of paramount importance.

Unanticipated health care costs, such as surprise medical bills, financially devastate families and have a terrible chilling effect on families’ willingness and ability to seek screening and treatment during the pandemic. During this time of increased financial insecurity, Americans should not have to fear the costs or manage the financial impact of receiving surprise bills for putting their own health, and that of
family members and all in our nation, first.

This analysis lays out options and examples states have taken to protect consumers from surprise medical bills.

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