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Congress Should Lower Insulin Costs by Addressing Pricing Abuses in Addition to Capping Co-Pays

Insulin is a critical life-saving and life-sustaining medication for millions of families, and yet the cost remains unaffordable for far too many because of unnecessary price gouging by drug manufacturers. We applaud the work Democrats in Congress have taken to improve the cost of insulin, specifically capping the cost in Medicare. However, two goals remain:

  1. Reducing the price that Medicare pays for insulin. The current insulin cap means Medicare is paying higher burden without manufacturer price reductions.
  2. Capping the out-of-pocket cost of insulin at $35 per month for people who do not have coverage through Medicare.

Families USA factsheets outline why it is critical to address the underlying cost of insulin, in tandem with any copay caps at the pharmacy counter, in order to ensure affordable insulin prices for all families.
For any questions about the factsheets or Families USA’s priorities to reduce the cost of insulin, please contact Bailey Reavis (

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