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America’s Children Are Losing Health Insurance, Putting Their Futures at Risk: How National Lawmakers Can Help

Census numbers released yesterday tell a grim story about children’s health in America. After a generation of steady bipartisan progress, with the number of children falling by two-thirds, the last two years have seen a 180-degree change in direction. For the first time in a generation, children experienced two consecutive years of declining coverage, with the number of uninsured children shooting up by more than 10% from 2016 to 2018.

America’s children desperately need help from our national leaders. To fix the systemic flaws that let health care be taken away from eligible families, lawmakers must take three steps:

  1. Cut needless red tape that prevents eligible children and families from obtaining and retaining health insurance for which they qualify.
  2. Repeal policies that lead immigrant families to choose between providing their children with health care and protecting the family’s ability to pursue a path to citizenship.
  3. Guarantee funding for evidence-based programs that educate the public about available health benefits and that help individual families sign up for and renew health insurance coverage.