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2019 Health Care Legislative Wrap-Ups


This page serves as a hub for Families USA’s 2019 Health Care Legislative Wrap-Ups: Click item to go directly to that section.


Health and Health Care in 2019 Legislative Sessions: States Step Up on Public Options, Coverage, Drug Pricing, and More:

State lawmakers focused on health care coverage as well as prescription drug and other health costs in a year that also saw Medicaid programs and reproductive health threatened by state and federal policymakers. Families USA’s annual review of state legislative activity found bold new ideas on public options, coverage enrollment, and consumer issues including drug pricing and surprise billing emerging in the statehouses. This Overall Review offers a look at the key issues in legislatures in 2019 and legislation that can serve as models for advocates and lawmakers in future legislative sessions. This analysis can be found here.

Oral Health Coverage in the 2019 State Legislatures: Victories, Budget Cuts, and Opportunities for Future Progress:

While Medicaid is required to offer dental coverage for children, it is up to each state to determine what, if anything, they will offer for adults. Thanks to the tireless work of many state advocates, state policymakers across the country took steps toward advancing oral health coverage and care for adults in 2019. This analysis can be found here.

State Efforts to Rein in High Drug Prices in the 2019 Session:

This summary outlines significant policies that advanced in 2019 addressing prescription drug prices in states all over the country. Advocates and lawmakers can gain a sense of what has been made possible this legislative session, and gain insight into what could come next to tackle high drug prices. This analysis can be found here.

State Surprise Billing Laws in the 2019 Session:

Surprise medical bills have been harming families for decades. They occur when families receive out-of-network care due to no fault of their own. Surprise medical bills can amount to hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars in unexpected medical costs for families. In 2019, many states addressed this issue through legislation. This brief summarizes 2019 state legislative activity on surprise medical bills. This analysis can be found here.