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May 2019

Consumers First Launch Social Media Toolkit

Twitter Handles









Suggested Tweets

 “Together we will work to educate Congress, the federal government, and state policymakers about key changes that are needed in health care policy to rectify these distortions.” Learn more about #ConsumersF1rst, the new Alliance: 

We are thrilled to be working with our partners @AFSCME, @benefitscouncil, @aafp, @PBGH_updates, @AFTunion, and @First_Focus to address major distortions in the US health care system. #ConsumersF1rst 

Families USA is honored to be working with stakeholders from across the spectrum, children, consumer, labor unions, employers and health care professionals, in #ConsumersF1rst, the Alliance to Make the Health Care System Work for Everyone. 


Suggested Facebook Status

“It is time for the vibrant network of consumer health care organizations, health care professionals, employers, labor unions, and leaders across the nation to join in efforts to uproot the fundamental economic distortions in the nation’s health care payment and delivery system to ensure the best health and health care are accessible and affordable for every person across the country.” #ConsumersF1rst