May 2019

Advancing Health Equity through Better Asthma Care

Patients deserve evidence-based, high-value health care rooted in the most rigorous scientific methods. However, research practices that generate our current evidence base have historically excluded a number of communities and patient perspectives. This incomplete and sometimes biased evidence base has limited effectiveness and applicability for diverse populations, and risks widening racial, ethnic, and other inequities.

April 2019

Accelerating Health Equity by Measuring and Paying for Results

Not measuring and paying for equity risks worsening disparities and it is a key missed opportunity for reducing disparities. This webinar discusses actionable opportunities at the state and federal level to measure and pay for equity.

March 2019

Unpacking the Boasberg Decision on Medicaid Work Requirements

Federal Judge Boasberg struck down work requirements for the Medicaid program in both Arkansas and Kentucky. This March 28th webinar discussed the Judge's ruling and what it means for the future of Medicaid. 

Featured speakers include:

  • Eliot Fishman, Senior Director of Health Policy, Families USA
  • Sophia Tripoli, Director of Health Care Innovations, Families USA
March 2019

Video: Medicaid Proposals Facing Scrutiny

From Trump administration block grant proposals, to work requirements in the federal courts, to the waiver restrictions faced in the Capitol hallways of West Virginia; Medicaid waivers are under scrutiny. 

Speakers examine what's happening in the Trump administration and in the state capitols, as well as the hearings before US District Judge James Boasberg on work requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky. You will also learn how West Virginia advocates stopped a work requirement proposal in their state. 

March 2019

2019 State Paths to Better Health Care

This webinar discusses the latest strategies that state leaders and advocates are pursuing to improve the health care system for consumers. Families USA's invited guests and expert staff share leading 2019 state health policy proposals and discuss lessons from them that can be applied in all states. 

Featured Speakers Include:

November 2018

Webinar: State Options to Rein in High Drug Prices

High prescription drug prices hurt families and consumers by adding financial stress to devastating illness.  

States have led the way to take action against high and rising drug prices, and with the help of advocates this action can continue and grow in 2019.  
On this webinar, we explore options and approaches to state drug pricing policy, including a special focus on how states can build upon the success of price transparency laws to provide meaningful information that spurs broader changes.  

Featured speakers:  

November 2018

Key Advocates Webinar: State Options to Cover the Uninsured and Stabilize Markets

States have an opportunity to build on the Affordable Care Act's progress by pioneering innovative strategies to cover the remaining uninsured, often while stabilizing insurance markets and lowering premiums.

On this webinar, we discuss strategies states can consider to build on the progress of the Affordable Care Act in expanding coverage using innovative strategies that can help stabilize markets. 

Featured Speakers:

October 2018

Community Health Worker Impact Estimator Tool - Webinar

For generations, community leaders have seen how valuable community health workers (CHWs) can be. As health equity advocates, we know that CHWs truly understand the communities they serve and have their trust, so they can effectively provide culturally centered and language accessible services and supports tailored to their needs.


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