January 2019

Medicaid Expansion Toolkit

As state health care leaders look to leverage new opportunities to expand Medicaid in 2019, Families USA’s Medicaid Expansion Leadership Team (MELT) is developing resources and guides to assist state health care leaders and policy makers in understanding the value of increasing health care coverage for the uninsured. Families USA has produced an initial resource, the Medicaid Expansion Toolkit, for state health care leaders to use to implement Medicaid expansion in states.

October 2018

Community Health Worker Impact Estimator Tools: Asthma & Diabetes

For generations, community leaders have seen how valuable community health workers (CHWs), promotores, community health representatives, and the many other variations of community-based peer support workers can be. Nevertheless, decision makers often ask CHW advocates to make the business case for paying for CHW services and integrating them into care teams. To support these efforts, we worked with Katharine London and her team at the Center for Health Law and Economics of the University of Massachusetts Medical School to develop unique, interactive CHW Impact Estimator Tools.

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