August 2018

2018 State Legislation on High and Rising Drug Prices

2018 has been a year of opportunity when it comes to state legislation to address the high and rising prices of prescription drugs. Families USA has identified some of the 2018 state legislative sessions’ biggest victories on the issue of prescription drug costs, along with significant legislation considered in the 2018 session that may be on the agenda again in 2019.

June 2018

A Framework for Advancing Health Equity and Value: Policy Options for Reducing Health Inequities by Transforming Healthcare Delivery and Payment Systems

Families USA created the Health Equity Task Force for Delivery and Payment Transformation to bring together state and national health equity thought leaders to catalyze much-needed action to leverage health system transformation for the benefit of those whom the health system is leaving behind. Ensuring that people who are facing the biggest barriers to good health and high-quality health care are served well by the health care system will improve care for everyone. 

February 2013

Medicaid Expansion Boosts State Economies

In 2013, we reached out to many states that were actively engaged in the Medicaid expansion debate. These states faced an important decision: whether or not to accept federal dollars to provide health coverage to their uninsured residents through Medicaid.


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