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07.23.2017 / Press Release

Yet Again, Senate Republican Health Care Proposal Would Drive Up Health Care Costs for the Middle Class and Devastate the Safety Net

Washington, D.C. – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell today unveiled his third version of the Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Despite some modest adjustments designed to entice wavering Senators, the core is still the same: it would drastically restructure and defund Medicaid, take away coverage from tens-of-millions, and drive up health care costs for millions more. Importantly, the bill includes policies similar to the Cruz amendment that completely undermine protections for people with preexisting conditions by allowing sick and healthy individuals to segregate into different insurance products.

Following is the statement of Frederick Isasi, executive director of Families USA, on the newest proposal:

“This latest proposal is the worst yet. We know that millions of our nation’s most vulnerable people on Medicaid – seniors, children, the disabled – will lose their coverage, and millions more will either lose their private insurance or be forced to pay sky-high deductibles. The bill makes it even worse for those with pre-existing conditions by forcing them into coverage that is incredibly expensive, excludes needed coverage, or is simply out of reach.

“This is the Senate leadership’s third swing at replacement legislation and they have officially struck out. The Senate should drop this plan and start working to help and not hurt America’s families. Republicans and Democrats should work across the aisle in a studied and deliberate way to develop real solutions that improve the current law and ensure high-quality, affordable health coverage is available for all.”

Analysis: Latest Senate Bill Still Strips Coverage and Drives Up Costs for Millions More