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11.06.2018 / Press Release

The American People Vote for High Quality and Affordable Health Care and Repudiate the Trump Administration and Republican Leaders in Congress

Washington, D.C. — Below is a quote from Frederick Isasi, JD, MPH, Executive Director of Families USA, reacting to elections results announced so far:

“Tonight’s election results are a resounding victory for everyone in our nation who cares about access to high quality, affordable health care. We know health care was a central issue in this election. In race after race across the country, voters have spoken with a clear voice: They reject efforts by the Trump Administration and Republican Leadership in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to gut Medicaid and Medicare. Those breathing the greatest sigh of relief tonight are the more than 100 million people in our country who live with a pre-existing health care condition. Because of today’s outcomes, the current law’s protections will remain in place.

“While we are incredibly pleased by this election’s results, the ongoing assault on high quality and affordable health care is not over. We know that the Trump Administration will continue to undermine health insurance markets, push junk insurance on consumers, and erect barriers to Medicaid eligibility. At any time, a federal judge may rule on a case that could end health care coverage for millions and overturn the consumer protections that are so critical to the lives of millions of people and so popular among voters. Tomorrow, as every day, Families USA will return to its task: working to ensure that the best health and health care is equally accessible and affordable to all.”