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08.12.2019 / Press Release

Statement: Trump Administration’s Public Charge Rule Is an Act of Moral Terrorism: Policy Will Affect Access to Health care for Millions of Documented Immigrants, Children

Washington D.C.- Familes USA released the following statement about the “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” Rule

If we strip away the legalese and fine print, the Trump administration’s “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” rule, is squarely an abhorrent act of moral terrorism.

This policy, which could take effect as soon as 60 days, will affect approximately 10 million documented immigrants. And the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that enrollment will decline among the 19 million citizen children of immigrant parents.

This is how the Trump administration has responded to the public’s response that such a policy is terrible for the health of the millions of people who will not enroll in health coverage due to fear:

“DHS declines to limit the effect of the rulemaking to avoid the possibility that individuals subject to this rule may dis-enroll or choose not to enroll, as self-sufficiency is the rule’s ultimate aim.”

The Trump administration is essentially giving documented immigrants a choice: you can get a green card, or you can access medical care that you likely cannot afford. That is not acceptable as a matter of public health or our nation’s moral character. And the rule is actually illegal and an example of hubristic overreach.

We will not stand for this open-handed disregard for humanity.

In our health care system access to medical care often depends on access to basic benefits like Medicare and Medicaid. These programs are used by over a hundred million Americans—they are hardly special benefits. This regulation penalizes lawful, documented immigrants by denying permanent residency for using these basic components of how we access medical care.

This fight is not over. Health care advocates will likely sue the Trump administration over this rule. Also, we understand members of Congress are exploring ways to block the implementation of this horrible policy. On behalf of America’s families, seniors, children, and the scores of documented immigrants who are the target of this rule, we stand ready to work with them to stop it.

And we will not stop with the court, either. Ultimately, we will fight this fight at the ballot box.