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01.12.2017 / Press Release

Senate Budget Resolution Vote Can Set the Stage for Millions Losing their Health Insurance

Washington, D.C. – Following is the statement of Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, on the Senate’s early morning vote approving the budget resolution that could set the stage for repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA):

“Where is the comprehensive GOP plan to replace the Affordable Care Act and protect the coverage and care of millions of Americans? President-elect Trump said that replacement would happen ‘simultaneously’ with repeal and all we have so far are empty promises.

“Republicans are rushing through a process that could cause millions to lose their insurance, drive up premium prices for millions more, and send the health care industry into a tailspin, wreaking havoc on one-sixth of the American economy. The health and financial well-being of millions of Americans are at stake, and still Republicans refuse to provide a concrete plan to protect consumers. It is irresponsible. It is dangerous. And people in America deserve better”