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01.10.2019 / Press Release

Sen. Sanders and Reps. Cummings and Khanna are Getting the Ball Rolling on Drug Pricing. Now Is the Time for Bold Action.

Today, Senator Bernie Sanders and Representatives Elijah Cummings and Ro Khanna introduced a trio of bills designed to reduce skyrocketing prescription drug prices and hold drug manufacturers accountable.

  • The Prescription Drug Price Relief Act, sponsored by Sen. Sanders and Rep. Khanna, would require the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make sure that Americans don’t pay more for prescription drugs than the median price in five major countries: Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan. This legislation is similar to regulatory action proposed by the Trump Administration.
  • The Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Act, sponsored by Sen. Sanders and Rep. Cummings, would require the Department of Health and Human Services to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs under Medicare Part D.
  • The Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act, sponsored by Sen. Sanders and Rep. Cummings, would allow Americans to import safe, low-cost prescription drugs from Canada.

The following is a quote from Frederick Isasi, Executive Director of Families USA:

“In the last year or so, we have seen a sea change in the debate over prescription drug pricing in Washington and across the country. After decades of unjustified price increases by drug manufacturers, policy makers are finally starting to take real action to protect families and consumers. Last year, Congress passed legislation to protect consumers from the Medicare Part D “Donut Hole” over the objection of the pharmaceutical industry. Despite furious lobbying by drug companies, Congress has refused to revisit that change. The Administration also has taken critical steps to reduce drug prices using their administrative authority, including efforts to speed the entry of generic drugs to the market.

“These small but important steps toward lower drug prices are welcome. Now also is the time for bold action. We are delighted that Sen. Sanders, Reps. Cummings and Khanna, and their cosponsors, are keeping Congress’ attention focused on solving the monumental problem of unaffordable drug prices. Momentum is on the side of America’s families and consumers.”