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01.03.2017 / Press Release

Republicans Take First Reckless Step Toward Undermining Health Care in America

Millions Stand to Lose Health Insurance or Pay More in Premiums

Washington, D.C. – Republicans took the first step toward repealing the Affordable Care Act – eventually stripping millions of Americans of their health insurance and increasing premiums for millions more – with the introduction in the Senate today of their budget resolution. Following is the statement of Families USA Executive Director Ron Pollack on the Republicans’ action:

“This reckless rush to repeal without any kind of concrete replacement plan is a path to disaster for millions of people in America as well as their health care providers. Millions could potentially lose coverage, erasing a historic drop in in the uninsured, and premiums could spike for millions more.”

“People in America need to understand what Congress will do to protect their care, not be fed vague promises and told to ‘trust the Congress.’  If Congress truly intends to protect, rather than undermine, the care of millions of children and families in America who desperately need it, they will produce their replacement plan now.”