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04.04.2017 / Press Release

News Reports: Republicans Renew ACA Repeal Efforts

Additional Consumer Protections on Chopping Block to Appease Conservatives

Washington, D.C. – Recent news accounts indicate that the Trump Administration and House Republicans are attempting to revive legislative attempts that would repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Details are still emerging, but all signs point to a bill that further eliminates key consumer protections including requirements that health insurance cover all needed services and that individuals who are sick do not pay more for coverage – two key demands of far right members of the House. Below is a statement from Families USA Executive Director Frederick Isasi.

“Speaker Ryan’s attempt two weeks ago to ram through the American Health Care Act failed because it was so extreme that it united the country in opposition to it. Now, there is a renewed effort to push the bill even farther to the right and negotiate away even more consumer protections, to try and squeeze it through the House.

“In order to win over conservatives, they are making the legislation progressively worse for American families. The door is being opened to eliminate protections in current law that ensure that health insurance companies can’t sell meaningless coverage or charge seniors, individuals who have survived illnesses, and people who are sick, very high premiums that would be unaffordable for many. Back room deal-making also is putting at risk requirements that insurance cover key services such as maternity care, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and prescription drug coverage.

“Appeasing the most extreme members of House in order to buy votes will not help American families and other health care consumers. The last fight over health care repeal made it clear that people want quality, affordable health care and that the health care plans of the Trump Administration and Republican House don’t fit the bill. Nothing has changed. It’s time to move on.”