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05.03.2017 / Press Release

Latest House GOP Proposal – “Upton Amendment” – Still Leaves People with Pre-Existing Conditions out in the Cold

Washington, D.C. – Republicans in the House today are discussing a so-called compromise that ostensibly adds $8 billion to their Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal bill in an attempt to appease members worried that the bill strips coverage guarantees for people with pre-existing conditions. Below is a statement from Families USA Executive Director Frederick Isasi.

“Despite today’s wheeling and dealing, the GOP repeal bill still drops the coverage guarantee for people with pre-existing conditions, strips coverage from millions, and drives up costs for millions more. A measly $8 billion handout isn’t going to change that. The bill also decimates Medicaid – more than $800 billion in cuts. That hurts seniors, people with disabilities, and children like Jimmy Kimmel’s son who he so eloquently spoke of Monday night. Remember, half of the births in America are reimbursed through Medicaid.

“The Upton $8 billion is a non-solution – money thrown at “high-risk pools” that experts on both sides of the aisle have warned lead to higher costs, fewer benefits, and waiting lists rationing care for those with pre-existing conditions.

“Republicans in the House can do all the backroom vote-trading they want; their bill will still harm millions and millions of people in America and breaks President’s Trump’s promise to cover everybody and protect people with pre-existing conditions. This isn’t what people in America want. It is time for the GOP to drop this deeply flawed legislation and move onto efforts that will help, and not hurt, America’s families.”