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10.28.2021 / Statement

Important victories, but Republicans and Democratic Holdouts put Industry, Lobbyists before the needs of their Constituents and Families

WASHINGTON, DC – Families USA executive director Frederick Isasi issued the following statement today on the Build Back Better framework released by the White House:

“Despite the months of debate and hard work that went into crafting this framework, it falls far short of what families across America need to truly build back better. Not allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and the lack of a new dental benefit for people who are covered under Medicare is unacceptable, and must be addressed before either chamber of Congress votes on the bill. Authorizing Medicare to negotiate drug prices isn’t controversial or complicated. Nearly 90 percent of people across party lines say they want Congress to act now to lower drug costs, but Big Pharma has poured money into their lobbying efforts to protect their sky-high salaries and record profits. That’s unacceptable. Every person should call, tweet, email and meet with their Members of Congress to insist that Build Back Better truly put the needs of people ahead of Big Pharma.

“The president and Democratic leaders are on the record fiercely supporting drug price negotiations and Medicare dental benefits. These are wildly popular benefits that almost all families across this nation want. Unfortunately, this small number of intransigent Democrats, who are shilling for lobbyists and drug companies, are standing in the way. These politicians need to hear from every person in this nation that they have to put our interests ahead of drug lobbyists and use those savings to provide dental care to our seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare.

“Other provisions in the framework, including lowering the cost of buying a plan on the ACA marketplace and extending coverage to people in the 12 states that have refused to extend Medicaid look promising and must not be watered down as the bill moves through Congress.

“Congress still has work to do and we have full confidence that they can still vote on a bill that delivers on the promises they made to voters across the country.”