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01.06.2016 / Press Release

House Sends President Bill that Takes Health Insurance Away From Millions of Americans

Health Care Take-Back is a Legislative Temper Tantrum

Washington, D.C.The House of Representatives today is expected to pass a Senate bill that guts core provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Among the key ACA programs eliminated are the Medicaid expansion program, which has provided insurance for millions of low-income Americans in 30 states, and the federal subsidies that have helped millions more afford coverage on the insurance exchanges. Both provisions would take effect in two years. The Senate passed this bill in December, so it is now on its way to President Obama, who has pledged to veto the legislation. Following is the statement of Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, on the implications of the vote:

“Since both House and Senate Republicans know President Obama will veto the bill, this is nothing more than government by temper tantrum. If it were real legislation, this unprecedented action would constitute the largest take-back of health care coverage in our nation’s history.

“These ACA opponents say ‘trust us — before the two-year repeal deadline comes due, we’ll have a better program to replace it.’ But they’ve been saying that for the past five years and have never come up with a coherent plan.

“Our nation deserves more mature action from lawmakers than today’s temper tantrum.  The Affordable Care Act has helped millions of working Americans get health coverage – many for the first time. It is a historic accomplishment that should be built upon, not demonized.”