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03.06.2017 / Press Release

House ACA Replacement Plan Revealed: Would Slash Coverage and Ration Care for Millions

Consumer Costs Expected to Rise Substantially Under Plan

Washington, D.C. – The draft Republican House bill revealed today will substantially reduce the ACA subsidies that helped millions afford health insurance and ends the Medicaid expansion that extended health coverage to millions more. It also ends Medicaid as people in America now know it, saddling states with new health care costs by creating per-capita caps. Following is the statement of Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, on the Republican draft bill:

“The GOP health care proposal would be laughable if its consequences weren’t so devastating.

“This bill would strip coverage from millions of people and drive up consumer costs. It shreds the Medicaid social safety net that serves more than 72 million people, including many children, senior citizens and people with disabilities. And it once again leaves millions of people in America with chronic illness and disease at the mercy of insurance companies.

“And they’re doing this without knowing the bill’s full impact on the federal budget.

“Donald Trump promised that ‘we’re going to have insurance for everybody . . . [but it will be] much less expensive and much better.’ This bill reveals those promises for what they always were: empty campaign rhetoric. The President doesn’t seem to understand that millions of lives are at stake here. We all deserve better.”