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07.06.2022 / Statement

Families USA’s Isasi: Senate needs to get prescription drug reform over the finish line

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Families USA Executive Director Frederick Isasi released the following statement today on reports the Senate is moving forward with legislation to lower the cost of prescription drugs:

“Senators need to seize this historic moment and get meaningful prescription drug reform over the finish line. When too many families in America are struggling with the high costs of everything from housing to gas, we have an opportunity to make an historic breakthrough on prescription drug negotiation and making Medicare work better for individuals and families across the country.

“Big Pharma has made money off of gimmicks and abuses for years while consumers have suffered the consequences. Half of Americans cannot afford their prescription drugs and one-third are actually skipping doses or cutting their pills in half. Drug company pricing abuses are a major cause of high, unaffordable costs that families struggle to pay each day just to stay afloat. This reform would help make sure when companies profit they do it because they are innovating and serving their customers, not hiring the best lawyers and lobbyists. It’s a long-overdue step forward.  The time is now for Congress to bring this legislation across the finish line and provide health care affordability to all of our families nationwide.

“We expect additional legislation to be released shortly that reinvests the savings from ending drug company abuses to additional affordability reforms like improving Medicare for seniors and the disabled, shoring up support to make health insurance premiums more affordable and providing coverage to working families in states that have refused to extend Medicaid to these individuals. Taken together these reforms will be an historic opportunity to create affordable health care and economic security for families.”