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10.11.2022 / Statement

Families USA’s Isasi: Biden administration’s rule fixing the family glitch is a “big deal”

WASHINGTON, DC – Families USA executive director Frederick Isasi issued the following statement today on the Biden administration issuing a new rule to close the Affordable Care Act “family glitch”:

“Thank you, President Biden, for finally ending the ‘family glitch’ and providing new, affordable coverage options for millions of families. This is a big deal.

“Unjustly and unfairly penalizing low-income workers and their families by creating barriers to the affordable coverage they need to get and stay healthy is not a ‘glitch.’ It is an assault on what the Affordable Care Act’s authors intended. I should know; I was one of the people negotiating that legislation. Congress’s goal was to expand access to affordable health insurance and provide subsidies for families unable to afford that insurance.

“With President Biden righting the wrong that was the ‘family glitch,’ employees who cannot afford the family coverage offered by their employers now have the option to get coverage for their family members through marketplace plans. Open enrollment begins November 1. We encourage anyone in this situation to visit or their state-based exchange for more information.

“Estimates show that capping family premiums, as proposed in this rule, would save a family of four with an income twice the poverty line over $4,100 a year. As families struggle to put food on their tables and gas in their cars, President Biden has taken a critical step to ensure they can go to the doctor without going into debt. This is a big deal.”