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09.08.2023 / Statement

Families USA: New House Legislation Takes Critical Steps Forward in Unveiling Corporate Hospital Pricing Abuses to Protect Families’ Financial Security

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Frederick Isasi, executive director of Families USA, issued the following statement on new bipartisan legislation introduced today in the U.S. House of Representatives to address transparency in health care.

“Our nation is in the midst of a health care affordability and quality crisis driven by a fundamental misalignment between the business interests of the health care sector and the health and financial security of our nation’s families. Today Congress took a critical step forward in addressing some of our health system’s most obvious failings.

“Our health and financial well-being should not hang in the balance because of hidden or unknown fees and abusive industry practices. Every family across this nation should be able to know, in dollars and cents, how much a hospital corporation will charge them before a service is provided. This legislation makes clear, without any exception, that all hospitals are required to post the underlying price of health care services, in a machine readable and consumer-friendly format. It also includes important policies to rein in dishonest billing practices, takes an important step to foster healthier competition in health care markets by expanding site neutral payments for drug administration services, and codifies vital transparency in coverage regulations that will help improve health care affordability and quality. Further, the bill provides new funding for essential primary care and workforce programs like Community Health Centers, the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education Program, and the National Health Service Corps.

“Let’s not forget that every time we enter a hospital for treatment, we are required to sign ‘on the dotted line’ to agree to pay any bills associated with our care…even as hospitals argue they have no ability or obligation to tell us what their services cost. All the while, hospital corporations are sending families to collection agencies and suing us in court for their outrageous prices. It’s completely unethical that corporate hospital interests are working overtime to prevent families from knowing, in advance, the financial liability they may be taking on.

“There is more Congress can do to improve price transparency and health care affordability, including adoption of comprehensive site neutral payment policies, lifting the cap on maximum fines for hospital noncompliance with transparency requirements, and requiring transparency around private equity ownership of health care facilities. But make no mistake, this bill provides an important moment for Members of Congress from all political stripes to come together to reject the greed of medical monopolies that want to be allowed to secretly set any price for health care services – and will take any opportunity to keep those prices hidden – at the expense of the health and financial security of nation’s families.

“Earlier this week, Families USA and more than 60 leading national and state organizations sent a letter to Congressional leadership urging them to pass bipartisan legislation that includes strong reforms to strengthen price transparency rules and ensure patients pay the same price for the same health care service regardless of where they receive care. Today’s bill shows that Congress is heeding that call. We greatly appreciate the work of bipartisan champions to get us to this point, and we urge Speaker McCarthy to bring this legislation to the House floor for a vote as soon as possible.”


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