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09.29.2023 / Statement

Families USA: Court decision is a major win against big drug companies trying to rip off our nation’s seniors

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Frederick Isasi, Executive Director of Families USA, issued the following statement in response to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio ruling against the Chamber of Commerce’s request for an injunction to block the Medicare drug price negotiation program.

“The Medicare drug negotiation program continues! Today is a big win for our nation’s seniors and their ability to afford life-saving medications. Drug companies are throwing everything they’ve got at blocking fair prices. Today’s ruling is a major blow to one of the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce and big drug companies to defend their greed over the health of our nation’s seniors.

“The ability to afford medication is a matter of life and death for millions of older adults. That’s why we are fighting this David and Goliath battle – people deserve to pay a fair price for their drugs and Medicare price negotiation is a critical piece of this puzzle. And let’s not forget each drug subject to fair price negotiation is an old drug that millions of people need and doesn’t have competition.

“We are one step closer to ensuring that these protections for affordable drugs become a reality for millions of people.

“This is a central issue for our nation’s families, and, during the campaign cycle, we will continue to see candidates for both national and state elected office be asked, ‘whose side are you on – your constituents or giant pharmaceutical corporations?’

We urge Congress and the president to continue reining in industry gaming and fighting against their powerful lobbying machine. No one should have to choose between putting food on the table or paying for their life-saving medication.”

On September 28, 2023, nearly 100 organizations joined Families USA, the Center for Medicare Advocacy and Public Citizen by sending a letter to Secretary Xavier Becerra of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) supporting the implementation of the Medicare drug price negotiation program, emphasizing that the full and immediate implementation of the program is crucial to making drug prices more affordable for millions of people in America.