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11.02.2021 / Statement

Families USA applauds news prescription drug reforms to be included in Build Back Better

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Families USA executive director Frederick Isasi released the following statement today after Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced prescription drug reform will be included in the Build Back Better Act:

“People of all political affiliations want Congress to address health care affordability — one of the most important issues facing families in America. Drug company pricing abuses are a major cause of those high costs, and the agreement to curtail the power of Big Pharma and lower prices will help millions of people struggling to afford their medication. Ensuring drug prices cannot rise faster than inflation, enabling Medicare Part D to negotiate directly for the first time ever and limiting the amount seniors have to spend out of pocket on medications are important steps forward and provide a strong foundation for future improvements. Let’s not forget, these watershed policies almost didn’t make it into the legislation. Thank you Chairmen Wyden and Pallone and all of our Congressional champions for going to the mat for the American people. Thank you also to the thousands of advocates that have been working tirelessly to push back on drug companies. This is your victory.  David took on Goliath, his lobbyists, and his advertisements and we were not deterred; now Congress needs to pass this landmark legislation as swiftly as possible to realize its promise.”