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12.01.2021 / Statement

Families USA: Another outrageous abortion case threatens to upend women’s reproductive, health, civil rights

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Families USA Executive Director Frederick Isasi issued the following statement today as the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments for Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a case involving a Mississippi law banning most abortions that could gut or overturn Roe v Wade:

Dobbs v Jackson is an unconstitutional and orchestrated attack on the ability of women to make their own decisions about their health and their reproductive freedom. By asking the Supreme Court to gut or even overturn Roe v Wade, it will deny women abortion services, and fundamentally jeopardize the lives and health of women in the state.

“As with other abortion cases, this one would disproportionately impact women of color and low-income women should the court decide to uphold the law – the very same women bearing the brunt of COVID-19’s worst impacts and our nation’s devastating maternal mortality crisis. This assault on their health and well-being is anti-democratic, anti-American, and harkens back to a time when women were not allowed to own their lives and their destinies.

“For years, a clear majority of people in this country have supported abortion access. The myopic zealotry by a minority, many of whom are driven by religious beliefs, to impose their will on that majority flies in the face of the bedrock democratic principles of separation of church and state. If the court follows their lead, those justices will erode the rights guaranteed by our Constitution, and the United States will join the ranks of countries where religious orthodoxy masquerades as the democratic rule of law.

“Families USA urges the Supreme Court to reject this law and recognize women have a constitutionally guaranteed right to make their own decisions about their health and well-being. Period.”


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