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07.24.2020 / Press Release

Executive Orders on Drug Pricing? Good for Consumers, But Probably Another Stunt

Families USA supports the concept of an International Price Index. It is an important step towards actual federal negotiation of prescription drug pricing, which is key to stopping price-gouging by the pharmaceutical industry. President Trump does not support direct negotiation to lower Medicare drug prices. The policy announced today of using an international index would at least allow the U.S. to rely on other countries’ negotiating power while we wait to see if our political system finally catches up with every other advanced country on this issue.

But President Trump’s announcement is hard to take seriously. He made a similar announcement two weeks before the midterm elections in October 2018. At the time, we were supportive but skeptical that it was a campaign stunt. Nothing happened; it was a stunt. And here we are again, another stunt.

With so many families hurting financially due to COVID-19–related layoffs and furloughs, this is not the time for political shenanigans. Let’s stop the games and get serious about helping families get the life-saving medicine they need.