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11.09.2022 / Press Release

Almost 45,000 South Dakotans poised to live healthier lives thanks to successful Medicaid ballot referendum

WASHINGTON, DC – Families USA executive director Frederick Isasi issued the following statement after South Dakota residents voted to pass Amendment D, which will enable 42,500 individuals who previously did not have health coverage options to get care through Medicaid: 

“Today is a victory for South Dakotans. They showed their love for their neighbors by voting ‘yes’ to more people getting covered through Medicaid, ‘yes’ to health care for people of every color and ‘yes’ to smart investments of taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars. 

“South Dakotans want to ensure the state has a health care system that works for everyone, from Sturgis to Sioux Falls. Because they took this moral action to pass Amendment D and close the coverage gap, almost 45,000 South Dakotans – making less than $19,000 a year — will finally be able to see a doctor and receive the health care they need. These people were caught in a terrible gap—not having access to affordable coverage from their employers or the marketplace and also not being able to enroll in the Medicaid program.  

“And, we almost did not get here. So many elected Republicans threw up roadblock after roadblock to oppose their constituents’ ability to access the life-saving care they need. I can only hope that these results show them how wrong they were and serve as a lesson to politicians across the country. 

“South Dakota is healthier and more productive when everyone is covered. Amendment D’s passage is a signal to other states that ensuring Medicaid can help working-class families stay healthy and get care is a popular, important solution to save lives and protect families’ pocketbooks.”