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Coalition for Fair Drug Prices

Families and health care consumers across America want and deserve meaningful reforms that target and reduce the underlying prices of drugs so they are not forced to choose between their health and financial security to get the medication they need.

According to results from a February 2019 Kaiser Family Foundation survey, nearly 3 in 10 people across the country skip doses or forgo filling prescriptions altogether due to high costs. The prescription drug cost crisis puts families at risk for poor health outcomes and threatens their financial stability. What’s more, the survey found that across party lines — and by wide margins — Americans support serious action to reduce drug prices, including allowing the government to negotiate prices with drug companies.

This is why Families USA joined with 11 other leading organizations representing health care consumers, labor unions and health care providers, to formally launch the Coalition for Fair Drug Prices to urge policymakers to address the issue. The diversity of groups is historically symbolic, and demonstrates a collective desire to hold policymakers accountable for reining in high and rising prescription drug prices.

Read the Coalition’s Statement of Principles here.

Listen to the Coalition’s inaugural telebriefing here (3/21/2019).

Coalition members include: