Health Equity

Our Work: Health Equity

Our neighbors, our colleagues, and our friends. 

Communities of color disproportionately face barriers to high-quality, affordable health care. In order for all of us to enjoy the benefits of living in a healthy, productive, and prosperous society, we must eliminate the glaring disparities that exist between those who can get health care and those who lack access to it but need it most.

The cascading effects of disparities in access to quality health care have a devastating impact on people's lives and our nation's future.

A significant demographic shift is underway in our country. By 2043, the U.S. Census projects that minority communities will comprise more than half of the American population. So if we don’t make inroads into the disparities that exist for people of color today, all of us will be affected tomorrow.

The impact of not having access to health care is enormous. And it begins with our youngest children. Kids without access to good care get sick more often and miss school. When they miss school, they don’t learn—which has devastating effects on their ability to lead productive lives in their communities and contribute as part of a skilled and educated workforce.

Achieving equity in access to health care is a core part of each of Families USA’s policy and advocacy initiatives.

By collaborating closely with health equity organizations at the national and local level, we focus on the specific work that needs to be done to close the health equity gap. We also bring our expertise to the national health care policy debate. And we support local leaders by helping them in their state and local level advocacy efforts.