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Kat Johnston (she/her)

Strategic Partnerships Intern

Kat Johnston is currently serving as the Strategic Partnerships Intern at Families USA. Alongside her internship, she is pursuing a degree in history at Pepperdine University. Beyond her academic and professional pursuits, Kat enjoys participating in community through volunteer work with local foster dog groups and election campaigns. With a passion for social justice and advocacy, Kat aspires to further her education by pursuing a law degree following her undergraduate studies.

Olivia Kim

Health Policy Intern

Olivia Kim currently serves as a Health Policy Intern at Families USA while pursuing a BS in biology and a certificate in health policy at Duke University, where she is a Margolis Scholar. In her local North Carolina community, Olivia enjoys volunteering at a nearby nursing and rehabilitation center. Bridging her interests in health equity and care delivery, she hopes to continue her education in medical school.

Melanie Vazquez (she/her)

Health Equity Intern

Melanie Vazquez is currently serving as the Healthy Equity Intern at Families USA. She is a rising 4th year student at the University of Chicago pursuing a BS in Biological Sciences with a specialization in Global Health. Melanie has a passion for translational research and the ways it can be used to further health equity for underserved communities. In the future, she hopes to pursue an MPH degree and work within the health policy and advocacy space to further health equity.