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Kaija Wilson

Health Equity Intern

Kaija Wilson assists the health equity team with writing and research. Before joining Families USA, Wilson worked as a material science engineering research assistant at Tuskegee University where she studied cancer cells and performed statistical analysis. She previously served as a mental health crisis response phone counselor with the Affiliated Sante Group. Wilson holds a BA in Biology from Oakwood University, and is pursuing an MA in Public Health, Health Equity from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Maya Holcomb

Health Equity Intern

Maya Holcomb assists the health equity team with research and writing. Before joining Families, she
worked as a partner with Health Engage, coordinating meetings for nationwide groups and local
Members of Congress to discuss global health topics. Holcomb was also a research assistant,
where she conducted literature reviews and organized data on the bipartisan negotiations. Holcomb is a
junior at the University of Utah, pursuing a BS in Health Society and Policy with a minor in Political Science,
also a BA in International Studies with a minor in Spanish.

Neeharika Venuturupalli (she/her)

Health Policy Intern

Neeharika Venuturupalli is an intern with the health policy team, assisting with research and drafting policy content. Prior to joining Families USA, Venuturupalli was a research fellow for Sangath, where she worked on VaccinEquity, an investigative project that dove into vaccination experiences for transgender and disabled populations. Venuturupalli is a junior at the University of Chicago, pursuing a BA in Comparative Human Development, with a minor in Data Science and South Asian Languages and Civilizations.