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Time for Medicare to cover our entire body

You’ve worked your entire life – raising a family, paying taxes, doing all the things you were supposed to do. Now you’re retired and getting Medicare benefits that you spent decades paying into. But… Read more.

07.14.2022 / Adina Marx, / Insights Column

Putting people first in health care

A person goes to the doctor. She’s been having back pain for a few weeks, but put off seeking care because she has a high deductible and needs her next paycheck to help cover… Read more.

06.14.2022 / Adina Marx, / Insights Column

A Tale of Two Cliffs

On April 6, millions of people checked a push notification on their phone and let out a huge sigh of relief: the student loan pause was just extended until August. For some, that meant… Read more.

05.10.2022 / Adina Marx, Garrett Hall, / Insights Column